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Terrace Garden Restaurant

In the courtyard perched over the valleys, you can dine from the buffet or savour herbed coal-baked vegetables, grills and kebabs cooked on the open air barbeque. You can sample a selection of snacks and dips, with drinks of local and imported liquors, wines and cocktails from the bar. Inside the restaurant, tables are set with copper, white and silver beneath old Newari woodcarving. The specialities of the house include fresh seasonal vege tables from the home kitchen garden, either delicately or richly prepared recipes from Moghul and Continental haute cuisine & unusual Nepali dishes traditionally prepared for festivals.

The chef makes his own sauces and pickles, as well as preserves, which can be enjoyed with home baked bread.

Panchakanya Restaurant

The Panchakanya restaurant serves buffets as well a-la-carte menu options. It is the perfect place to enjoy a good meal along with traditional Newari architecture as well as a wonderful view.

Café Matina

Enjoy authentic Nepali coffee at Café Matina along with traditional Newari architecture and wonderful views.

Buddha Garden

A perfect place for lunching in an outdoor setting with majestic views and a variety of cuisines.

Poolside Restaurant

This is the go-to spot if you like to take a dip in our infinity pool and get some good food to go along.

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